Juvenile Law

Child Protection (DCF) and Delinquency

JuvenileJusticeWhether you are a parent  with a question about DCF or have a child that has been accused of a crime, Attorney Fryarcan help you.

Michael Fryar worked as a classroom teacher, a social worker for the Department of Children and Families and as an attorney has represented hundreds of families involved with child protective services (DCF) and the juvenile delinquency system.




boy-at-chalkboardIf you have  a question about your child’s education, a teacher with contract or job related issues, a company that needs to provide education services, or a school that needs to navigate accreditation or compliance issues, Michael Fryar can help.

Attorney Fryar worked as a public school teacher for seven years before working as an education consultant, a college professor, designing curriculum for private education companies, for corporate training and for state agencies.  He has consulted with clients to assist with accreditation, compliance with state and federal education law and regulations, has assisted teachers and educators to navigate professional issues and has helped parents and students navigate school issues such as expulsion, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans (post-secondary education).